These three Google updates may work for you

These three Google updates may work for you

Multiple service providers Google has recently provided better facilities to users through new changes and Google updates in its various services. Facilities like language skills, translation services, news updates are included in the services. Information about them is being shared here.

Google updates

Google’s new language skills

You can learn the correct pronunciation of words by using new tricks in Google search. For this, the ability to practice visual cues and pronunciation has been combined. Google has explained the details of its new language skills in a blog post on The Keyboard. With the pronunciation feature, you can practice speaking difficult words.

For example, when searching on “ How to practice literacy ”, Google will show the correct pronunciation as usual, but now you will also show a practice button, on clicking, you can say that word on your micro phone. After this, Google will mark you using speech recognition technology and machine learning and then provide feedback to improve it based on your Sadiq pronunciation. Often you have seen that if we do not pronounce correctly on Google speaker, then any type or result will be seen differently on Google search. To avoid this, Google has given this Google updates.

Will translate place names

When you go to someone’s country, calling a cab or asking someone about the bus may confuse you because of not knowing the language there. To solve this problem, Google has integrated Translate into Maps. The company has said in a post put in The Keyword that Google Maps will now be able to translate place names for users. To use it, search your visiting place in Google Maps. Now by clicking on the entry, clicking on the speaker button next to the place name, Google will tell you how to pronounce the name of the destination in the language of such country. This update is my most favorite because it can help us the most when going to another country, the language of another country is beyond our comprehension in which these Google updates can help you completely.

Your news update on Assistant

Google Assistant will take news from various sources around the world right now and through news updates. After this, a news update will be prepared according to your location and choice, which you will be able to listen to every hour. Google has included many news publishers as partners, such as USA Today, The Washington Post, Fox News Radio, Cheddar, Associated Press, Polytico, Al Jazeera, The Motley Fool, etc.

To receive this, go to the settings of Google Assistant, click on YouTube and then change your play list format. Finally, by quoting this news update, say to the assistant- ‘Hey Google, Play Me the News’. Yo News update is expected to arrive in India by next year.

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