These reasons women’s belly fat increases, not because eating

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These reasons women’s belly fat increases, not because eating

The problem of belly fat means that it has become common in women. There are many girls whose belly remains out of spite. Surprisingly, despite dieting, the belly does not take the name of being low. Girls think that the reason for this is overeating, which is wrong.

belly fat

It is very important for women to know what causes women’s belly fat. Let us tell you today some secret of belly fat

Angiotensin converting enzyme

One of the reasons for the growth of belly fat may be an element called ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme). This element helps the food to gather around the stomach and make fat.

Hormonal changes

Weight gain also occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. If the hormones in the body remain unbalanced, you may gain weight.

Poor blood circulation

Lack of blood circulation in the body also leads to weight gain. The valves present in the veins of the feet increase the flow of blood towards the heart, which worsens the blood circulation and gradually increases the weight.

Laziness and fatigue

Due to busy schedule laziness and fatigue, women are not able to do exercise or yoga at all, due to which their belly bulges starts coming out.

Gene is also responsible

Many genes are also responsible for the belly fat of women, which along with increasing belly fat also spoil personality.

Sleep problem

Due to fatigue, mobile, TV, women are not able to sleep properly at night. Sleep problems have become common in women, which also causes belly fat.

Don’t have breakfast

If you also do not have breakfast in the morning, it can also cause belly fat. Actually, it does not boost metabolism, which causes increased abdominal fat.

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