These platforms increases Tik Tok user experience

These platforms increases Tik Tok user experience

Tik Tok is today’s one of the fastest growing social networks in the world where you get some of the best content on the Internet. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that more than 500 million users use the app every month in the world and 43% of its total user base is present in India. As you may be aware, it only supports videos that have a maximum limit of 15 seconds. With this, you can also merge several videos to make a big story in it. If you are also a fan of Tik tok, then look at these apps and websites which can make your Tik Tok experience even better.

Tik Tok

Tiktok Lite (Android)

If you use most of the Tik Tok only for watching videos, you can download the company’s official Tik Tok Lite app which does not use too much battery due to the light and due to the small size of your device. I also take less space. Another feature is its low usage of data, so if you want to save your data for other tasks, you can still download it. Another feature of this is downloading videos for online viewing. This app can also be used without signing in, which also protects your privacy. If you ever want to upload videos, you can do so by downloading its video feature. However, if you upload videos every once in a while then there will be only one right option for you.

Vijamato (Android and iOS)

It is one of the best video editors for Tik Tok Video Z. It has all the things required to create videos. In its free version, you can split and trim Video G, create a single video by mixing multiple videos, select multiple photos, create their slideshow with background music, insert sound effects, record videos through the app, and record live music and filters in it. There are many features like adding and adding video effects to any video but with some limitations. To get rid of these limitations related to filters, effects, songs and time limits, you can purchase a pro version of Vijamato. If you use video editors a lot, it can prove to be a good choice.

Hashtags for Tik Tok (Web)

It is very important to use trending hashtags and popular topics to create more and more fans and followers on tick talk and hashtags for Tik Tok can help you in this task. First you choose a simple hashtag for your video. For example, if you have created a video of your cute puppy for these video sharing app, type the word dog into the search bar of the hashtags for tik tok website. By doing this, 15 to 20 hashtags will appear immediately. You can copy-paste these into your Tik Tok videos.

VHS Camcorder Lite (Android iOS)

The app has been used by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg and Victoria Beckham, and has also been featured in several TV shows That Music Videos. The special feature of this app is that when shot on video, it gives it a look as if it was recorded from any HS camcorder of the 80s. This app has been made keeping in mind that videos of that time used to have glitches and images were not high definition. You can also control these glitches and if you have organized a theme party of the 80s or 90s, then this app can work for you.

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