These innovations will transform science fiction into reality

These innovations will transform science fiction into reality in the new decade

The innovations given below will turn science fiction into reality in the coming times. From self-driving cars to plant meats, the presence of robots for every task at home, the implantation of a 3D printable kidney from your own bio material, or the insertion into your veins from a blood stream Nanobots that open the blocked arteries, many such technological innovations can be seen to turn into reality in the decade starting 2020. Till now, it would be exciting for all of us to see these technological innovations appearing in the world of science fiction proved useful in real life. Know about some such changes in the future of tech field which will prove to be nothing less than a miracle for the common users.

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Universal translator will remove language barrier

In the Star Trek series, crew members of Enterprise Spaceship are shown communicating with aliens with the help of universal translators. Technology here transforms the language of aliens into English, that too in the voice of the speaker. Now this field of science fiction will soon turn into reality. Of course, the use of the machine in language translation is not new, but it is definitely a bit difficult and time consuming.

Being rule based translation; language related rules are also used in it, which sometimes misses the true meaning or context. However, now a large level of accuracy can be achieved by deep neural machine translation. An example of this technology is translatotron – a speech to speech translation technology that allows real-time translation of your voice by listening to it. In easy words, if you ask a Russian person in English, then he are going to be ready to hear you in Russian which too in your voice.

Cashless currency trend will increase due to cash

There is a robust possibility that the trend of folding money or take advantage most of the planet will stop or decrease within the next decade. In India too, digital payment modes increased after the de-monetization of 86% currency notes in 2016, but despite this the percentage of cash transactions is more than 90. While the dependence on cash for transactions in the Nordic countries of Europe has reduced significantly, gas is being used in the UK for only 30% of transactions.

South Korea also plans to phase out the use of cash in phases. Singapore is also set to promote digital payments. Accordingly, the new decade may introduce new currency such as cryptocurrencies run by governments. Even private currencies such as Facebook’s Libra (blockchain digital currency) will be launched in 2020. The trend of new currency owned by private corporation has also started. A startup called Vignanation has already brought out the Wigan key for the transaction.

In the era of singularity, machines will be able to think well than humans

Recently SoftBank’s Vision Fund has invested in Cloud Mind. It is a Chinese startup that is developing cloud brain or cloud based AI. For this, 4 year old Cloudminds will pool the power of millions of robots. Under this, the brains of those robots are going to be connected to the cloud and that they are going to be given different tasks simultaneously.

The company has also launched a smart robot named xr1 with cloud brain power. According to Ray Karnewell, director of engineering at Google, by 2029, machines will match human intelligence and by 2045, singularity will be in vogue, a phase of better health and wealth in which humans will live more with implants and will be able to live with their ideas. Will also be able to upload to Clout. On the other hand, there are also those who criticize this leap of technology. However, in the opinion of Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk, the simulator will lead to the abolition of man. more

Now nanotechnology will come out of laboratories

In the science fiction nanotechnology, the easily visible and flavored machine of nano size is being manufactured for the last 40 years. However, experts say that this technology will be used in our body, home appliances, cars, airplanes, and everything we can think of. Along with this, machines designed in very fine size like nanometer can be programmed to do many things like swimming in our blood, removing the block of artery, diesel to clot, monitor heart, kidney and liver health. You should know that companies like GE, Intel and Samsung are preparing to adopt this technology which has more than 10,000 patents in the US Patent Office. In addition, it is expected that by 2024, the global nanotechnology business will be worth about $ 125 billion.

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