These equipment can maintain your creativity in office

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These equipment can maintain your creativity in office

Make these equipment useful for you when you fall victim to the creative slowdown.

Whatever the profession, you may a t some time fall victim to the creative slowdown during work. In such a situation, there is no way to move forward on your project and you try many different solutions. There are some office equipment that can help you in this problem.

The app will tell whether you drink water or not


In terms of creativity, there are many benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water during work. According to studies, this not only eliminates fatigue, but also helps improve mood, focus, memory span, memory recall and bring clarity in thinking. A equipment called Hydrate Spark2 alerts your water consumption with tracking your water consumption, keeps pace with other activity trackers you have and turns off the light to remind you when to drink water.

Shine to remind you to stay hydrated.

Tracks water intakes and connected with mobile devices (iOS and Android) via Bluetooth.

Fitbit integrates your daily water level with Apple Watch and other activity trackers to regulate your daily activity level. Holds 24 ounces. Fits in standard cup holder.

Now with better battery life and better syncing. No charge needed.

Blue light will give comfort to the eyes

According to a study by the US National Library of Medicine, people who work in places lacking natural light have poor sleep quality and suffer from stress and discomfort. According to a joint study by Microsoft and Cornell University, exposure to blue light increases creativity. Philips Gelight, Blue Energy Light Therapy Lamp gives a feeling of strong sunlight inside its office of 10,000 Lux output. This device is also rechargeable.

Noise-saving headphones in the office

According to biologists, silence is very important during work, as it helps in the development of cells in the brain called the hippocampus. Along with this, the short and long term memory in the brain is managed by Consolidate and senses from the Por campus itself. The base quality comfort 352 headphones with high quality noise canceling feature not only filter out the sound, but it is Alex enabled and can pair with your existing devices via Bluetooth.

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