Some health problems may occur after covid-19 infection

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Post ‘covid Fibrosis:

There is a possibility of lung shrinkage after covid-19 infection. Young patients recover from it, but the elderly or patients who have already suffered from serious lung diseases may have problems. As a result, some cases may require additional oxygen even after the patient becomes infection free during treatment. Or else the patient has difficulty in breathing even after going through the hospital after getting free from infection. In this situation it is necessary to take full care. The most important thing is to keep in touch with your respective doctor even after and after infection so that if any complication is developing, then timely treatment can be found.

Heart problems

The operation of the lungs is also associated with the operation of the heart. In such a situation, what is the heart related problems that can be reported after a covid-19 infection affects the veins, which can have a direct impact on the arteries and result in an increased risk of heart attack. Apart from this, it has been seen in many cases that after covid-19 infection, there is also an increased risk of cardiomyopathy, blockages in the foot artery, decreased heartbeat, etc. So stay in touch with the concerned doctor even after the infection is free. And keep checking for other complications too. Follow all precautions related to covid infection as a preventive and get complete treatment even if the infection has occurred, and even after getting rid of the infection, give healthy lifestyle, pay attention to proper amount of nutrition in food Exercise regularly as per.

Neurology related problems

As reported, covid infection also has its effect on the nerves, causing neurology related diseases. Neurological diseases and treatment processes have been widely affected since the covid epidemic.


Covid’s effects on nerves are often not immediately detected, but as a result there is an increased risk of clots. Hence it has been observed that many patients complain of stroke problem a few days after getting rid of covid. That is, there is a risk of stroke and neurological diseases after covid-19 infection. In view of all these situations, every

According to studies, about 3% of patients with neurology related diseases are getting increased. This figure cannot be ruled out of covid infection as there are also numbers of patients who have suffered from Covid infection or have been free of infection.

The positive thing at the moment is that people have gained consciousness and they have also become more alert than before. It is important that people are also aware of the widespread impact of corona. If the covid is free of infection, still stay in contact with a doctor of neurology for a few days so that if there is a risk of clots etc. to prevent it.

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