New feature in social media, and Edge computing

New feature in social media, and Edge computing

New feature of Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube is growing rapidly in the world. Apart from being a social platform, they have also become a source of employment. In order to make social media more user friendly, social media platforms and mobile companies are going to make some big changes in the new year.

New feature

New feature: Facebook whatsapp

There is a lot of talk about dark mode these days. WhatsApp has been working on this feature for 1 year, with the help of it, the look of WhatsApp will be changed completely. WhatsApp is expected to feature here in 2020 Dar will change the mode text to white and background to black. Talking about Facebook, it may feature on Facebook. This feature may be going to WhatsApp in 2020. Business can be made more convenient, accessible through Facebook. At present, Facebook has not made it clear whether this feature will remain in everyone’s phone or not. Apart from this, WhatsApp is working for Face Unlock in 2020. This feature will work in the same way as the Face Unlock of a smartphone.

New feature: Edge computing

A major change is coming next year in the form of edge computing, which is being seen as a solution to the limitations of cloud computing. Cloud computing uses applications, services and platforms on the Internet. The same is sent to save the data. This is increasing the pressure of data flow on the Internet.

This has opened the way for edge computing or distributed cloud. In this, companies have brought the convenience of data storage and computing systems to nearby areas of customers, that is, small clouds that exist in your area, not on the Internet. These distributed clouds periodically synchronize with Internet-based cloud systems. Most of their work is done in the user’s area, so the pressure of data traffic or management on the cloud is reduced. Not only is this system fast, it also has savings of internet bandwidth. This will make the process of democratization of process technology easier.

5G network

There is a lot of discussion about 5G in the last few years. The year 2020 will see something meaningful happening in this field. Several companies including Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and LG have given information about their 5G phones. They can be launched as early as 2020. Although India does not have a 5G network right now, 5G spectrum will be auctioned next year.

Youtube focus

New feature

YouTube will focus regional languages ​​on its platform to increase the growth of creators in the new year. Google-owned YouTube has 26.5 million active users in India. According to Satya Raghavan, Content Partnership Director, YouTube India, the company will continue to focus on Indian languages. Next year, more creators will be encouraged to achieve success on the video sharing platform.

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