How to protect eyes from gadgets blue light

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How to protect eyes from Gadgets blue light

Gadgets blue light affected almost every smart phones users. Most of the work in this office is done on computer. Most people spend too much time on smart phones and computers. Blue lights emitted from smart phones and computers are dangerous for the eyes. In such a situation, blue light filtering apps should be used while using the smartphone, this causes less pressure on the eyes.

Gadgets blue light


This is a blue light filtering app. With the help of this, along with filtering the blue light or adjusting the color temperature of the screen according to the light. Here, color temperature can be changed according to your convenience. As the day passes, you will see a soft red filter on the screen. This red filter is automatically adjusted according to sunlight. Apart from this, many other types of light filters will also be found in it. This application can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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