how to keep healthy heart in corona period

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Smooth living has proved difficult in the healthy heart in corona period. The big problem is that it is not possible to pay attention to other diseases. Heart patients have also faced problems. Such modern medical science has given medicines and operation options for the benefit of heart diseases, patients are adopting them as well.

healthy heart in corona period

The heart is a precious work of nature. This daily Is the center of activities and in its vibrations Our lives only. Once stopped beating So understand, the life cycle stopped. Of heart Maintaining rhythm and sweetness is the real meaning I pray to God. Keep the heart fit not hard.

It is important that we stay healthy Learn the basic mantra and imbibe them. At this time, the number of heart patients in the country is 6 Is more than ten million and is continuously increasing. If this is the case then by 2021, India will be heart Patients will be the largest destination.

It is often said that our way of life Has a bad effect on heart health. Truth, But living means eating Is not limited. How you feel Live in, not surrounded by any kind of stress Huh? Is the air you breathe 7 who are eating food and drinking water are pollution free Are they pollution free?

It is also important that the cardiovascular disease fifteen major reasons responsible for development At least ten reasons are related to diet. Causing blockage in the blood vessels the two main ingredients to do – cholesterol and Triglyceride It is only through diet. blood pressure, Diabetes, obesity and cholesterol level diet Is affected only by You know There will be fried dishes, fast food and junk Arterial health due to excessive intake of food Worsens Now the time has come that drugs, Amble, except stress, junk-fast food Grow onions, garlic and grapes.

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