hang: how to solve smartphones hanging problem

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how to solve smartphones hanging problem

Tips and Tricks: – Smartphones are getting used by most of the people, but most of the people face the matter of the smartphone getting hang or bogged down. If you’re also facing some similar problem, then today we’ve come up with some such measures for you, by adopting which you’ll double the speed of your hanging or slow running smartphone. Allow us to realize this.


1 Full storage

It has often been seen that when the memory of the smartphone becomes full, there’s a drag of slow running. Allow us to tell you that RAM and ROM are two sorts of memory during a smartphone, out of which RAM is beneficial for running your phone. we should always attempt to run the phone during a correct way. If your phone’s RAM is low then don’t download an outsized application, by doing so, the speed of your phone will increase slightly. If you mention ROM, then it’s useful to save lots of your files photos and other things, attempt to keep it short. In such a situation, you ought to keep cleaning your smartphone storage periodically, along side deleting the non-essential folders and files.

2. Apps running within the background

when you use an app during a smartphone, it creates space inside the RAM. After using that app, which is keeps running within the background using RAM. due to which your smartphone becomes slow, so close the app after use. we should always attempt to allow only the apps we are using to access the RAM, which increases the performance of that app and also reduces the danger of getting hanged. The larger the appliance, the more RAM it uses.

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