Diet: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think, know about diet

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Whole carbohydrate-rich cereals in the diet can include wheat bread, rice, casserole, oats, upma, ragi, barley, maize, millet as individual flour breads or multigrain flour, oatmeal, khichdi, lentils and rice. If possible, reduce the amount of bread or rice in the diet, and each bowl must be made of lentils, curd.

Milk is important:

You and every family member must drink 2 glasses of milk in a day. For this, milk and milk products should be part of the main meal like- include a glass of milk in breakfast, cheese and curd in lunch or dinner. Take milk before bed at night.


Protein foods that are helpful in staying healthy should be included every single mile. The protein content may also increase slightly. For this, lentils, curd and whole pulses can be taken. You can also include chickpeas, rajma, black gram, sprouts and chaat in the lentils, which can also be eaten with rice. If you do not want to eat vegetables, you can also take the juice of vegetables like ghee, petha in whole lentils. This will increase the taste as well as nutritional. Non vegetarian eggs, chicken, mutton or fish can be taken.


According to dieticians, one-fourth of the plate should be of vegetables or salad to supply vitamins and minerals.
needed. For this, you can have a bowl of seasonal vegetable salad in lunch and dinner. You can take things like poha, upma, idli, java, pakoras, macaroni, dhokla, idli, chila, egg, omelette along with vegetables for breakfast. Bread Recipes for Breakfast Of brown or multigrain bread Use it.

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