Diet: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think, know about diet

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For healthy body, your diet should be nutritious. Also, balance in it is also very important. National Nutrition Week is celebrated from 1 to 7 October to increase awareness among people about Nutrigan. That is why we are telling you some very useful things related to nutrition.

The right diet not only gives energy to the body, it also protects it from stress and various diseases. That is why it is most important for all the members of the family to remain healthy – regularly consuming nutritious balance diet. Balance diet varies for people of all ages. In such a situation, if you keep in mind some things, then all the members of the family will be physically and mentally healthy.


Everyone has different needs

Normally a adult person needs 1200-1400 calories daily. Children under 10 years of age for physical development and repair of body cells and elderly above 60 years for muscle strengthening. Is needed. Protein also gives us the power to face diseases. Iron-calcium rich diet is necessary for women and children to prevent anemia in the body.

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