Data usage: tips and tricks will reduce data usage on Android

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These easy tips and tricks will reduce Data usage on Android

In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in data consumption in users’ mobiles. Applications are now consuming more data than ever before. And new versions are constantly being introduced for updates. Whereas web surfing was mostly text based due to the less developed web technology, now video streaming has gained immense popularity with new developments and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also adopted video streaming as a mainstream service. is. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for the users to reduce or limit the data usage on Android. If you are also facing this problem then there are some tips and tricks which can help you to overcome it.

Data usage

Limit usage by going to settings

Users can avoid using their surplus data by setting their monthly data consumption limit. To limit data through the Settings app on Android, go to Settings

Type on data usage-billing cycle-data limit You can set the maximum amount of data in 1 month from here, in addition to the option of automatic disconnection of the network when the data limit is reached.

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