Data usage: tips and tricks will reduce data usage on Android

These easy tips and tricks will reduce Data usage on Android

In the last few years, there has been a steady increase in data consumption in users’ mobiles. Applications are now consuming more data than ever before. And new versions are constantly being introduced for updates. Whereas web surfing was mostly text based due to the less developed web technology, now video streaming has gained immense popularity with new developments and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also adopted video streaming as a mainstream service. is. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for the users to reduce or limit the data usage on Android. If you are also facing this problem then there are some tips and tricks which can help you to overcome it.

Data usage

Limit usage by going to settings

Users can avoid using their surplus data by setting their monthly data consumption limit. To limit data through the Settings app on Android, go to Settings

Type on data usage-billing cycle-data limit You can set the maximum amount of data in 1 month from here, in addition to the option of automatic disconnection of the network when the data limit is reached.

Do this to curb application background data

Some apps keep consuming data even without the smartphone working. Which app is consuming so much data. To see its statistics, go to data usage in settings. By typing on any one, you can know both types of data usage in it. If the background data of an app is very high, then there is no need to keep it in the background the whole time. By typing on the background app background data, it will be ensured that that app will consume data only when it is open i.e. it will spend less data.

Use your streaming services at a limited level

You should know that streaming services, music and high quality images consume the most data, so it is good to ignore them while using mobile data. By the way, there is another option – to download music and videos in your storage on local eStoria over WiFi. To reduce data consumption during streaming on mobile data, the quality of the stream should be kept low. Especially YouTube consumes a lot of data, so keep the resolution of the video low while using mobile data on your Android phone.

Use applications with low data configuration

Data Hungarian applications that consume more data can have a serious impact on data consumption while on a mobile network. Like whenever you click a photo, it is possible that the Google Photos application is synchronizing your photos in the background at the same time. Because social media applications like Facebook and Instagram consume a lot of data. So you should not watch videos or gifs in them or at least look. Instead you can use Twitter Castor for Facebook Lite and Twitter instead of Facebook.

Use data comparison in chrome

Data configurations can be reduced to a large extent with the inbuilt feature in Chrome. For this, open Chrome and tap on the three dots in its upper right corner, then type in Settings and scroll down to Data Saver. From here, typing on your right corner will turn on Data Saver. By re-visiting the Settings panel in Chrome, you can find out how much data you saved in which time period.

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