Covid-19 infection may increase again in winter

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Covid-19 infection seems to be slowing down at the moment, but according to health experts in the cold season Like in other countries, the risk of infection may increase in your country. In the coming two-three plains everyone has to take all precautions and implement all measures to avoid it.

In January this year, covid-19 started spreading its footprint in the world, in March 2020; the World Health Organization declared it a global pandemic. Things started improving with 6-7 months of continuous efforts, but as the winter season started, the second wave of covid-19 has started capturing various European countries and the US. Health experts warn, necessary steps have to be taken to avoid the second wave of corona in the winter.


Winter and covid-19

Although it is not entirely clear what temperature will affect the virus, almost all researchers are anticipating that the corona virus will become more contagious in the winter season. According to the former virologist of the World Health Organization, Klaus Stöhr, the epidemiological behavior of this virus will not be different from other pathogens causing respiratory diseases, which return in winter each year. As the temperature decreases, covid-19 will spread and its second wave will be more severe than before. NITI Aayog member Dr. V.K. ‘Paul also believes that covid-19 is a respiratory virus and as such viruses are more active in winter, in winter we may see an increase in its cases. According to the World Health Organization, all countries in the world need to formulate strategies to control its spread.

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