Corona is not yet gone and ways to avoid it

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Careful! Corona has not gone…

‘An invisible virus has killed more than one million innocent people of our country have swallowed the lives. It is estimated that before November india is the world’s most infected by week will become. Currently, one day of corona deaths india is at the forefront in this matter.


This is also the reason. According to density people here are very nearby are – 382 people per kilometer. Obviously hai, an epidemic like corona becomes more challenging here. even if the call of social distancing keeps you repeated look like it is going to be learned – be careful, the accident happened. Got a discount, it did not stop.

Social distancing is important protection

When it is not possible to find the source of an epidemic in a particular area lasts, then we name it Community Transition. Now India is in the same state. Many in some states and cities small pockets have been made. Caution is necessary, in the midst of all this the question arises that people with large population like China how did the country control the disease?

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[…] Corona is not yet gone and ways to avoid it […]