Best apps from Play Store and Apple in 2019

Best apps from Play Store and Apple in 2019

Best apps from Play Store and Apple in 2019

Best apps from Play Store and Apple in 2019, The app service providers Google and iPhone manufacturer Apple has released the list of best apps for their users, Knowing whom you can also use the features of these apps and improve your experience-

Google play store

In the list of released apps, these extraordinary apps make our lives easier. These apps are Innovative, Elegant and Intelligent, and have received the title of being the Best Apps in Play Store in 2019. While the play store editors are easily drawn to an app, an app became a new favorite for them by providing new ways to stay organized.

Best App of 2019- Ablo

This app has also been selected by the Play Store as the Best App for Fun of the year 2019. Abloe inspires its users to learn about unfamiliar cultures. With this, you can connect with people around the world and chat or video call with them. It also allows you to translate your text calls live. Even during video calls, you can talk through translated captions, in this way you can roam around the world from home and make friends.

Make new friends

• Free text & video chat
• Live translations
• Unlimited conversations
• Challenges
• Discover new countries

Best App for Personal Growth – Meeshow

Its most important thing is that it provides work for home, plus it provides products on wholesale prices that you can resell and earn profit. All you have to do is place an order by sharing the details of WhatsApp and Facebook group travel product with your customers. The special thing is that you do not need to worry about their delivery, because Meesho takes responsibility for it.

Benefits of using MEESHO App

1. Get hit products
2. Get lowest prices
3. Get best quality products
Meesho conducts quality checks to assure your customer gets quality products.
4. Easy returns
Keep your customers happy with easy return option.
5. Best customer support
6. Cash on delivery (COD)
7. Grow your customer base

Best Hidden Gem – A P weather

This app serves to present Dark Sky’s Weather Forecast in an enjoyable design. Along with this, it also provides you the facility to take current and future information of the weather through a practical time line. It gives weather information in a very easy and user friendly language. Where you have to scroll a long list on other apps, this information reaches you in a few sentences on the same AP weather.

Best Everyday Essential – Boosted

This app helps you increase productivity. If you want to know here that things are being spent in your energy or when you remain the most focused, then you can get answers to all these questions by going to its insights. Apart from this, you can see the status in Colorful Reports tagging your time and use a timer to complete a task. Along with this, the booster here claims that it does not collect your personal data, which also makes it safe for you.


★ View a history of your activities in a chronological timeline
★ Check your total daily time for a project from the notification
★ View tracked activities in a calendar
★ View detailed reports of all your tracked time
★ Backup and restore your data to Google Drive

Apple App Store

I Phone App of the Year – Specter Camera

Best apps for iphone It is usually a difficult task to take long exposure photos because you have to keep an eye on the camera as well as figure out how much light you will need. Your task here makes the specter camera that takes great long exposure photos with the help of artificial intelligence. With this you can erase the crowd present at the tourist place in a photo, and give the waterfalls a form of painting.

What you can do-

Make crowds disappear, rivers of light

gorgeous water, Live photos and video

Endless smarts, Designed for humans

High-tech showcase

– DCI-P3 Wide Color Pipeline – Live Photos

– Metal Graphics Acceleration – Tripod Detection

– Siri & Shortcuts – AI Stabilization

– Machine Learning & CoreML – Computer Vision

On iPhone 6, Spectre captures in lower resolution.

(Full compatibility device list: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11)

App of the year (apple TV) – The Explorers

In the list of Best apps from Play Store and Apple in 2019 The Explorers is a community of professionals such as scientists, photographers, artists, etc., whose goal is to create an Earth Inventory of the Earth’s Natural Volume Un Heritage through Hi Definition Photos. Through this app you can also agree on this project by searching for location based content, enjoying the free experience of ads and chatting with your friends, posting photos and videos.

Map one of the year – Affinity Publisher

Actually there is professional publishing software which provides the facility to create beautiful layouts for yourself by bringing images, graphics and text together. The special thing about this software is that with its use, you can design perfect layouts of things like magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports and stationery, as well as using the tools related to designing using it. can learn.


1. Professional layout tools   2. Advanced Typography

3. Perfect images and graphics   4. Built for your workflow

6. Professional output   5. Full integration with other Affinity apps

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