antibodies and flu vaccine against corona

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Antibody is made more for corona in men than women, and it is less in those who are in critical condition.

Age is not a big factor for how much antibodies will be made

Antibodies for 7 months in 90% of corona patients

Covid antibodies are produced more in men than women. In 90 percent of patients, these antibodies remain for the next 7 months after infection. (Scientists of Portugal) . According to published research within the European Journal of Immunology, age isn’t an enormous factor behind what proportion antibodies are going to be made. How serious the corona effect has been in the patient, this factor determines what the antibody level will be.

Sero test done for 300 patients

Scientist says that to understand coronavirus, our body tries to fight against it and understands it and then releases antibodies. These antibodies help fight the virus. To understand the extent to which antibodies were made in patients, 300 corona victims were serologically tested.

These were monitored for the next 6 months. In three weeks, the level of antibodies increases inside the body.After reaching a level, their number decreased.

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