Add friends on Play Station 4 with these steps

Add friends on PlayStation 4 with these steps

Playing games on Play Station 4 has its own distinct fun, but nowadays mobile has a lot of fun and action games. Which make us feel a different world? Solo gaming and playing games together with your friends is a different enjoyment. Just like you request friends on your mobile and they join you.

Play Station 4

Once another player is added to your Play Station 4 Friends list, you will be able to see when they have signed in to the Play Station Network and which game they are playing. You can watch their broadcasts and send messages directly to them. Once you learn the process of adding friends to Play Station 4, you will know how easy it is.

Select or ignore users from these steps

Play station4- Select the friends shown in the faces in the Play Station 4 UI bar. Here you will see the interface of friends. Now, to send a friend request from here, you select the search from the left menu pan. Now enter the person’s name using Play Station, ID or on screen keyboard and your controller. Once the top step is completed, select the Dun on your control or press the r2 button. Now after the list of players matching your search query is displayed, select the Ismail face and plus icon to the right of their name by locating the player with the friend request of your choice. Here you will see the Send Friend Request form. Now you can enter the message to be sent with your friend request, but it is completely optional.

Play station4- Apart from this, you can also designate it as a close request. That is, you and your new friend will be able to see each other’s full name and profile picture. To enable this, place a check mark in the box with a send close friend request option.

Play station4- To complete this process, you will now have to select Send. After that request will be sent to that player and he can either accept it or ignore it. Once they accept your request, they will be immediately added to your friend list. To reply to a pending request sent to you, first select the friend request from the left menu, after which select the exception next to each person you want to add, otherwise you can ignore it.

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