coding: 5 great website to learn coding

This online platform is for learning coding at home

What is coding?

Coding, sometimes called computer programming, is how we communicate with computers. The code tells a computer what action to take, and writing the code is like creating a set of instructions. By learning to write code, you can tell the computer what to do or how to behave in a very fast way. You can use this skill to build websites and apps, process data and do many other cool things.


Why does the code learn?

We all have hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Whether you are looking for a new opportunity, want to optimize your current job, or are simply looking for a new hobby, coding can help you get around your goals. And remember, anyone can learn how to code!

Coding is considered very important for any tech talent job. There is a logic based problem-solving technology here, so it is necessary to learn more. Although learning it may prove to be a difficult task at first sight, in reality coding is easy to learn and anyone who has a little understanding of technology can code. If you also want to learn coding, then you can start with these online platforms.


It offers 100% guaranteed job placement to the startup engineer. Under its maker program, fresh engineers learn coding from the start by creating tech products themselves. The stipend for this 4-month fellowship program is for corporates who want the right talent for tax jobs. Because BridgeLabz customizes programs based on corporate demand, there is no standard curriculum. So far, the startup has produced over 800 engineer score amplifiers.

Now a days bidgelabz organize free 21days coding bootcamp, guaranteed jobs for top performers(apply now),  100% job guarantee, 800+ engineers placed, 150+ tech companies and 1100+ hours of coding, 16 weeks program, 1:5 industry experts mentorship, 3x capstone projects.



The platform was started by Ada Bernir in 2012 when she was fired, and saw that only those who knew jobs were saved. In this way, he started Skillcrush, where online courses, which are completed in a few months and run under the direction of 1 mentor, are available. Here you can enroll in the courses of jobs like front end developer and web developer.


The free platform associated with Google’s Code with Google program is one of the best ways for beginners to learn coding. Through this, you can learn JavaScript through easy and quick lessons on your phone or desktop. It also teaches you to create animations, solve problem techniques for technical interviews and build websites through HTML CSS.



In the basic plan of this online interactive platform you can enroll in 12 different programming language is free coding classes like Ja Baba Python. At the same time, in its pro plan, you get facilities like real world projects, step-by-step guidance and peer support. Its total number of learners has crossed 45 million in 7 years.

Web development- html /css , java script

Programming and computer science – python, cmd line

Data science- python, sql


It is an online higher education platform where you will get industry-relevant programs to enroll in, which are created by sharing the world class faculty industry. Its courses include executive programs, PG certification, certificate programs etc. in the fields of data science, technology and management.

Also learnNow make your music story on instagram, shopping facility and call waiting on whatsapp

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